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Honda Crosstourers' Performance

Manual and DCT Crosstourers duel in the switchbacks –

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  1. 157 86
    08/04/2021 Reply

    Would love to see them in the US

  2. Jag E
    08/04/2021 Reply

    0:48 Is it so heavy?? I have a Varadero 1000 which is not light, but still tip toes it easily backwards with a full tank. How tall are you? Do you get any turbulence behind the screen at motorway speeds? I am 187 cm and i am slowly getting deaf with my varadero with all the banging on the helmet. Even with givi touring screen and the same spoiler as you.

  3. Bob Klee
    08/04/2021 Reply

    I think Honda are reducing the focus to a few engines due to Euro 5 and future emission regulations. If as I think, Honda are going to focus on electric propulsion they will likely rationalise the remaining engines. Engine development takes big money and the return has to be made in a shorter and short time horizon, possibly see the last hurrah on the road going Blade and the Goldwing. Maybe they will focus on the parallel twin and electric. I'm now looking for a CT!

  4. Devon Training - Driving Lessons - Automatic and Manual
    08/04/2021 Reply

    Nice Crosstourer information videos. We use the DCT but miss the clutch at slow speed turns (but not in traffic)!

  5. Happy Gilmo
    08/04/2021 Reply

    And just seen this. Nice! Ride safe

  6. Wojtek
    08/04/2021 Reply

    You need to learn how to edit your videos properly inside your editing software cuz you probably use wrong settings when you are rendering it to final video. It is probably matter of few clics. It could look fine on your PC but after YT conversion it just look crap. I don' know which software you use but probably you can find some tutorials on YT how to reach best quality after YT conversion. You can always consider to switch your software. The most popular ones have dedicated Youtube presets so it is just one click and job done. I can recommend you DaVinci resolve free version. It is a software for professionals but I beleive that free version has more than you need. It may look a bit complex but it is very easy to make the clip like that and I am sure that tutorials on YT for beginners will help you very easily. Try to type Davinci to youtube or something like that.This video quality is like a GoPro 2 maybe I am not joking. Definitely not like Hero 7 or your second Hero 4. Keep working! Good luck!

  7. MrVM41
    08/04/2021 Reply

    So I've gone to a dealer and sat on a vfr 1200 x and it's fair to say I was on tippy toes. Are you guys able to put your feet flat on the floor, is there a way of lowering the seat height ? Or a kit to lower it? Cheers.

  8. TheLeevtr
    08/04/2021 Reply

    No matter what or how good Honda's adv bike would be, people will still buy the BMW badge.

  9. MrVM41
    08/04/2021 Reply

    Nice ride and good views

  10. Jon B
    08/04/2021 Reply

    Went out yesterday with my mate. I was on my DCT, he was on his new fully specd up GS. Did about 140 miles mostly on nadgery backroads just like the ones in your vlog and B roads (to avoid the traffic). Did a bit of gravel and dirt too because we got lost, no problemo. Had a GREAT day. I did not at any time feel I was missing out or needed more tech. Both bikes lapped it up. We stopped for a brew and bun halfway. I agree about the gap in the Honda lineup. I couldn't have done that route yesterday on a Goldwing though, non starter, wrong sort of bike. I felt totally comfortable on my CT, it was absolutely rock solid all day. I love my DCT.

  11. HartleyRides
    08/04/2021 Reply

    So true about Honda focusing on th AT and the ‘wing. That’s pretty much their touring like up. They’re good bikes but there’s a massive gulf between them. They have a bike to plug that gap but refuse to give it the attention it deserves. I’ve had two CTs and it’s a good bike,bit of effort could have made it a great bike. It’ll be going soon, it’ll not be replaced by a Honda.

  12. Andy Jones
    08/04/2021 Reply

    The fuzzy pixelation thing in high-motion/high detail (foliage and water for example) are compression artifacts. Your uploaded video gets transcoded to a multitude of different bitrates, but all of them have a maxima. In scenes with high motion & detail it's not hard to hit that maximum, so their codec has to compresses some of the frame, so it starts to lose fidelity in certain areas.
    I've heard they also do stuff like prioritise their transcodes based on expected viewers (so small channels might get "worse quality" transcodes), amongst other things.
    This is a massive over-simplification though. Video transcoding is a mathematical nightmare tbh.
    Also, if you knew this already, apologies.

  13. DA Poppa
    08/04/2021 Reply

    Spank that Iron pony, make it scream!! Raining Cats and dogs here in Florida. My pony is in the shed, ready to rock….Out on the highway it will run all day at 75 -80 not even break a sweat. Even with a full load.

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