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BMW E92 335i Ceramic Coating Prep: Can You FIX BAD Paint?

BMW E92 335i Ceramic Coating Prep: Can You FIX BAD Paint?

A good friend of mine who also happens to have a Black Sapphire Metallic N54 car, has been in my ear about getting my cars paint properly sorted. I gave the car a detail when i first got it, but was never really happy with it due to a bit of a rough respray it had by a previous owner. I had really taken on race car mindset and forget about having nice paint, but JB assured me the paint was “fixable” after a quick call to JBs detailer JD from Wax My Car the challenge was set. Can he repair the marks in my paint to the point where its worth putting a 5 year coating on it? He seems confident… ha

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Comments (22)

  1. Zero To 60
    08/04/2021 Reply

    If you have any questions for JD put them here. He's been doing this for years and is a world of knowledge when it comes to paint correction and prep for a ceramic coating. Check out his facebook here, if you want to see more about the waxmycar https://www.facebook.com/waxmycar . He a one man band doing something he loves making cars great again and doing it so much cheaper than anyone else i have ever come across. The sort of guy we love to support.

  2. Dino Bravo413
    08/04/2021 Reply

    I love those wheels, I have the 193 style on mine, your E92 is looking good

  3. John McGill
    08/04/2021 Reply

    Haven't had time to watch the uploads recently so trying to catch up today and tomorrow, looking forward to seeing some body work stuff

  4. jp drake
    08/04/2021 Reply

    I'm JP i can help

  5. MrCybergladiator
    08/04/2021 Reply

    Wow, what an improvement and it's not even done!
    Keep up the good work!

  6. Richard
    08/04/2021 Reply

    How'd he go with the water marks? I've got some bad water marks/bird shit marks. Panel beater reckons I need a respray…

  7. Beaves 85
    08/04/2021 Reply

    Great work 🙌 I use scholl S20+ on my cars and i cant fault it. Im only a novice and certainly no detailer but it was recommended to me as being a forgiving compound and so easy and safe to use with the waffle pad but step up to the orange, blue spider pads etc and it cuts well. My black 335i e91 came up amazing. Black is the best and worst colour. It can't be beat for reflections and gloss but its so unforgiving. A friend applied an autofinesse ceramic to mine which was great but probably only lasted 9-10 months. Shame I can't post pictures here. I am a bit hesitant when I'm detailing my cars and find it hard to remove deeper scratches. I guess I need to do more passes and keep at it with a little more pressure. I think I've removed it but then after a few washes you can still see the scratch and catch it with your nail. I do worry about causing more damage mind and cutting too much. Practice makes perfect hey. Looking forward to the next installment 😬

  8. Nickolas Cain
    08/04/2021 Reply

    Yeah, you really can't fathom the work that goes into a 2 or 3 stage correction unless you do it yourself. I do stuff on the side. Took me a good 22 hours straight on a 3 stage and ceramic coat.

  9. Dbn Poldermans
    08/04/2021 Reply

    jd is a beast! Such passion

  10. Simon Johns
    08/04/2021 Reply

    Would you consider putting on a stone chip protection film on the bumper and bonnet after you complete the ceramic coating ? Your car is looking great. .only wish when I'd done my ceramic coating, I'd had somewhere inside with lighting.

  11. Jonathan Mapfumo
    08/04/2021 Reply

    Black e92 owner! its a full time job owning a black car

  12. J4zz x
    08/04/2021 Reply

    $900-3000 for detailing it? Thats my budget for a car

  13. JohnSav
    08/04/2021 Reply

    Enjoyed this one, something different! Cheers Andrew 🍻

  14. C is for Chris
    08/04/2021 Reply

    11:25 it’s like when you get your girlfriend a boob job.

    “She’s never looked this good…
    Before , From 10’ away she looked ok”

  15. B Coin
    08/04/2021 Reply

    Yeah any chance he’s got any trips down to Melbourne planned? 😅 or does he have anyone he can recommend down here? that kind of workmanship and care is hard to find.

  16. Saif0412
    08/04/2021 Reply

    Looking 👌

  17. MrFaberick
    08/04/2021 Reply


  18. Cocko
    08/04/2021 Reply

    Awesome. Something I absolutely love, I've heard about this guy. I'm doing a similar thing with my bonnet tomorrow actually, either that or I cheat and flow coat it, lol.
    Got my 17t's on 19psi now (logging process is taking its time, my bad..) and loving it 🥰

  19. SlingSalsa
    08/04/2021 Reply

    I really miss that gs27 product from 15+ years ago

  20. Tdl Australia
    08/04/2021 Reply

    I certainly don't have the patience to do that kind of thing, respect to the people who can.

  21. shane the vudu guru
    08/04/2021 Reply

    I have a question… Does JD come to Sydney? Nah serious. 17yo Landcruiser.

  22. D Production
    08/04/2021 Reply

    Yeah! After all it Will be perfect outfit e92!

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