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Your Questions Answered – PCO Application Process

Your Questions Answered - PCO Application Process

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Comments (25)

  1. Gary McCanna
    20/11/2020 Reply

    Gig Guy London, how long does it take to receive your PCO badge in the post after application has been processed and been successful? Sorry I know it’s been a while can you remember that far back lol

  2. Afsar Ali
    20/11/2020 Reply

    The topographical test any advice mate,is it as daunting as some make it out be ,I've got mine coming up in a month any tips and suggestions
    Thank you

  3. Wayne Doyle
    20/11/2020 Reply

    I applied to TFL on the 11th of October, Sat the Topographic test on the 19th of Feb. Just been on hold to TFL for 90 mins to be told…”I’m not sure how long it going to take as everyone’s application is different” how can that be? We are all subject to the same checks. Please can someone give me some good news? My DBS and medical are both clear. How long do you guys think it will be until I can hit the road? Oh BTW Gig-guy I think we share a manor. I’m in Tottenham, are you local?

  4. Nazim Ali Bokhari
    20/11/2020 Reply

    Applied 13 sep 2018
    Typo 24 Oct 2018
    Typo result 22 Nov 2018
    Today 1 Dec 2018 still no license…

  5. Thomas Harper
    20/11/2020 Reply

    i just booked my topographical and the waiting time is 7 weeks! anybody have advice on how i can speed this up

  6. John Smith
    20/11/2020 Reply

    Can I ask if you are aware of any kind of fast track through tfl, if a person already has a license in another part of the country.

  7. Tony Marianov
    20/11/2020 Reply

    Best Youtuber!!!

  8. s WEBB
    20/11/2020 Reply

    City of London proper

  9. s WEBB
    20/11/2020 Reply

    hopefully be out soon.
    mad respect GG.
    Uxbridge is my area.
    not surprised it didnt go good on your harefield Uxbridge day.
    this area has been dead all my life!
    I'm after London town
    is it good in the city??

  10. s WEBB
    20/11/2020 Reply

    got my acceptance email..
    BO !!!!!!!!

  11. lostlulo
    20/11/2020 Reply

    God bless you/ brother you doing great job

  12. f ham
    20/11/2020 Reply

    I applied on the 19th June 2018
    Topo assessment on the 25 July
    Passed on the 7th August
    Today is 10 weeks after my topo pass and I still haven't got anything.
    Thanks gig guy for the videos.

  13. stilness speaks
    20/11/2020 Reply

    Do you use your Uber car as your personal car too, for family friends and things? Or do you have a seperate car. Just curious 🙂

  14. Mounir Aman
    20/11/2020 Reply

    Mine took 5 months for the whole process and just arrived this week.

  15. s WEBB
    20/11/2020 Reply

    i provided my medical and done dbs on day of application 1st August ,I have received dbs certificate in the post.
    let you know when I receive my licence, hopefully.
    big up all

  16. s WEBB
    20/11/2020 Reply

    applied 1st August.test 30th August three weeks to get results,pass.
    I'm still waiting, tfl reckon could be another 6 weeks.I spoke to them Monday. they reckon they are flat out doing 1000 a week.

  17. Paweł Kominek
    20/11/2020 Reply

    I waited two weeks for the topo and now I am waiting for the results of the exam.

  18. Booker T Sab the great
    20/11/2020 Reply


  19. krazylad84
    20/11/2020 Reply

    I got my liecense last month and the process took about 3 months !

  20. Paweł Kominek
    20/11/2020 Reply

    I think I've seen you on Wood Green Today 🙂

  21. Long Job Tom
    20/11/2020 Reply

    Man likeeee Tariq. Mine took 6 months for the whole process. Tfl are slow. Call daily for an update

  22. CabbieOO7
    20/11/2020 Reply

    Q1: DBS Online takes 4 weeks but you don't need to wait for the Certificate. After 4 weeks you get an E Number to put on your application. You keep the certificate when it arrives you don't need to send it to TFL.
    Q2: Booking your Topographical Test, wait for TFL email telling you to book. There are 7 centres to choose from and the price ranges from £50-£75. When booking you can ask the dates for each centre and choose the date you want.
    Q3: Topographical Test result takes 10-15 working days to receive a Pass or Fail email from TFL.

    Completing Online or by Post do the DVLA Checker last as the code only last 21 days.

    My Process so far on my current application:
    15th August – Posted
    16th August – Confirmed received
    12th September – DBS Online completed
    13th September – Application Payment Completed
    13th September – Topographical Test appointment booked with TFL
    19th September – Topographical Test
    9th October – Topographical Test result: Passed 84%

    Just a waiting game now………

  23. Zubair Khaliq
    20/11/2020 Reply

    Up to 6 weeks for dbs to get both part, booking test looking at 3 weeks earliest if ur booking your test at uber center looking at december date. Test results 15days after sitting the test

  24. Avdarmaly
    20/11/2020 Reply

    The other day I met a friend of my friend who is an Uber driver. So I just asked him how to become driver for Uber. In 1.5 I didn't get any useful info. In these videos I learned a LOT more.

  25. Avdarmaly
    20/11/2020 Reply

    Cool video :). Such a nice guy gives proper information. Well done.

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