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Road Block Protest. London Bridge – 4th February 2019

Road Block Protest. London Bridge - 4th February 2019

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Comments (44)

  1. Aaa AAA
    23/11/2020 Reply

    ur own hero mayor shafting u not black cab drivers remember he looks after his own dont he

  2. Michael rimz
    23/11/2020 Reply

    Khan is a slimely little scumbag who is getting away with thieving drivers money

  3. Aaa AAA
    23/11/2020 Reply

    what gives ph drivers the right 2 complain re black cabs u got a car and satnav ok i got microwave and tin of beans can i be chef in top hotel now u get.picture

  4. Viktorija Mardosaite
    23/11/2020 Reply

    Soon they blame Russia and Putin . 🤣🤣🤣

  5. L J
    23/11/2020 Reply

    Black cab drivers block Parliament Square in protest
    https://mol.im/a/6683673…. look they are getting recognition from the media while minicabs get ignored.


  6. DD p
    23/11/2020 Reply

    we dont care about u we british surport black cabs

  7. Djani Karim
    23/11/2020 Reply

    There is so many job out there why u want to be driver for cheap money

  8. Mr Garvey
    23/11/2020 Reply

    The ULEZ and C charges imposed upon you are punitive in order to reduce your numbers and the congestion you cause. TfL have double crossed you, your employers and customers double cross you, there is only one true way to earn your worth, and that is to become a taxi driver.
    Do the knowledge and realise your potential, gig anything is a con. Uber glean charges and commissions off of you and leave you with the costs of running your own business.
    Customers pick you as you sell yourself cheap, any mug can do that, selling a tenner for £5.

    Liberate yourself from uber and ph firms control and do the knowledge.

    The first chap in your video stated that ethnic breakdown of london black cabs was 84% white therefore 16% BME. Well thats actually a very healthy stastic considering BME represent less than 10% of the overall population.
    Work for yourself as a black cab driver and you beat any form of racial descrimination in pay and working conditions not to mention there is no gender pay gap. Being a black cab driver is one of the last jobs left in london that is earned and achieved on merit.

    Give up the exploitative PH circus and do the KoL, I did, so can you.

  9. little fish
    23/11/2020 Reply

    As I understand it black cabs are told my tfl what they can drive and what they charge and there been here over 300 years there not chargeing the country tax credits and what happens went the internet goes down .

  10. unluckyshaf
    23/11/2020 Reply

    @ Gig Guy London
    I just want to say a BIG thank you to you for all of the videos you have made. There are a very few people who are willing to breakdown their daily income and expenses on Uber for the benefit of others.
    Based on the videos that I have seen in your channel I am also planning to do Uber on a part time basis at night. I have a part time job right now where I am making about 600 pm. But I am thinking of quitting and starting Uber.
    How much do you think I can make on a 30-35 hrs per week driving(bearing in mind I am new to London).can I possibly earn more than 600 pm after all my expenses.

    I would be grateful if you can make a video about this. Once again thank you so much for all your help.

  11. The Coconut Cabbie
    23/11/2020 Reply

    Because black cabs are forced to buy a regulated vehicle and do the knowledge you thick twats

  12. Benolivier Cambier
    23/11/2020 Reply

    How many years did you have to learn to drive as a uber taxi…….none look we ain't brother mohamed

  13. sun east
    23/11/2020 Reply

    You need to lobby for a cap on driver numbers, you are aiming at the wrong direction. If you want to be treated like a driver who can ply for hire you need to learn the knowledge and drive a wheelchair accessible purpose built vehicle that costs up to £70,000! No new diesel black cabs are being built, all the new ones are electric!

  14. TrueAnarchy
    23/11/2020 Reply

    Taxation is theft.

  15. London Taxi Radio
    23/11/2020 Reply

    Hi GigGuyLondon

    You need to understand who your fight is with.

    The black cab trade has NOT lobbied for you to pay congestion charge and as long as you continue to waste your time proportioning blame on black cab drivers, the emphasis is taken off those who are really to blame.

    You do realise that it was your own CEO that lobbied the Department for Transport for you to pay the congestion charge, and lobbied against a restriction on driver numbers which would’ve really helped you. The Sec. of State could have said No to the charge.

    Most cab drivers are not in favour of you paying the charge, but all you’re doing is encouraging them to push for it.

    The day you realise that this isn’t about taxi and ride share war is the day you might make headway.

    Take this is the best advice you will be given!

  16. Xenon Games
    23/11/2020 Reply

    Quick question are there any age requirements / vehicle requirements for Amazon flex ?

  17. Ibrahim Hussain
    23/11/2020 Reply

    If you don't drive for uber why you putting that info on an uber platform, Toyota prius £22k, black cab £65k, private hire says it in the title "PRIVATE" Black cab is public transport and regulated

  18. Nick Beasley
    23/11/2020 Reply

    Simple do the knowledge there is 82000 Private hire vehicles as of the beginning of February do you not think that maybe constitutes to the traffic congestion in London and if you drove a wheelchair accessible vehicle like every licensed London taxi you would be exempt from the charge

  19. Paul
    23/11/2020 Reply

    Go and learn the knowledge then. Blacks cab pay out much much more than Uber drivers in licencing and everything else.

  20. Ripon
    23/11/2020 Reply

    Coz u are bunch of slaves working for slave app. Don’t compare urself with the black cab. The London black cab is voted best taxi service is the world year after year. No comparison. Uber is a gig economy modern day slavery and it only works coz people like u are prepared to work for peanuts.

  21. Aliraj Miah
    23/11/2020 Reply

    Give up the plastic badge and go for metal one 🤣🤣

  22. shahin khan
    23/11/2020 Reply

    Black cabs are part of public transport, minicabs are not get that through your thick head.

  23. jason braithwaite
    23/11/2020 Reply

    Do the k you lazy fuj

  24. Carefree
    23/11/2020 Reply

    The state of these drivers, causing majority of the gridlock and accidents in London and can’t understand a word they are saying

  25. Gary Benyon
    23/11/2020 Reply

    How can you compare yourself to black cab drivers (the No1 taxi service in the world). You have a choice to work for a n exploitative company or go and study like black drivers, regardless of the colour of your skin. You mention the differences that suit you but not that any idiot can do what you do with a sat-nav.

    23/11/2020 Reply

    The pressure is on the mayor and TfL, we need to keep the pressure up on them and must be willing to sacrifice 2 hours every week. Inshahallah we will win and the mayor will be force to reconsider this tax on the poor!!

  27. L J
    23/11/2020 Reply

    They’re just gonna ignore the protests until it fades, Londoners as a whole are to soft and are so divided. if you really want tfl to respond and for this get the media coverage it deserves then you need to block 4-5 bridges not just one and cause a major disruption. Sadiq and TFL call it BOLD action to tackle emissions, maybe its time PHV’S take even bolder actions to be heard!!

  28. Mani Fernandez
    23/11/2020 Reply

    Uber are a private company like all companies need to pay..TOUGH!
    Dont compare drivers that rely on a satnav to quality black cabs that dont cause accident mayhem on the streets as uberslaves rely at looking at a mobile phone.
    Black cabs have been here for 350 years and are 100% wheelchair accesible. Compare yourselves to the likes of addle and green tomatoes.
    If your hard working do the knowledge or buy/rent a wheelchair accesible vehicle or get a proper job. Its that simple!

    If you join a company like uber that lose 3 billion a year you know there is trouble ahead for the drivers as they dont give a shit about you. Its all about the data! You have all fallen for the biggest scam in history lol

  29. ahmed1662005
    23/11/2020 Reply

    Sa dick kan out

  30. Jonathan Shortt
    23/11/2020 Reply

    Gig Guy, Bro I'm not being funny why don't you just do the knowledge you seem like a upstanding intelligent guy, I watch your video's a lot, I'm a mechanic myself at the moment and by trade, but I'm also doing the knowledge been doing it 2 years 6 months on 28s hopefully done by the end of this year! I really think you should do it man, the amount time you put in to making these videos an editing them, which I think are brilliant by the way, but come on man you know what I'm saying Black cabs are going to be around for a very long time, phd are just going to jump from app to app, nothing against them, but sometimes you have to be smart put in work for 2/4 years then you got no issues., an P.S I have a family n kids and work 60 hours a week an still managed to do the knowledge. RESPECT!

  31. Taffruz Mashuk
    23/11/2020 Reply

    Gig bro
    Got more staff to share

  32. Qamar
    23/11/2020 Reply

    Good luck everyone

  33. Embrace Shilal
    23/11/2020 Reply

    Hey bro I was thinking of getting Toyota prius 2017/18 model on finance next week or so, but after all this things going on lately with TFL and that should I wait or go for it, any suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thanks bro.

  34. T T
    23/11/2020 Reply

    Y u comparing to black cabs iconic to London. Go do the knowledge and u dont have to pay all the extras stop taking short cut.

  35. Cab Watchdog
    23/11/2020 Reply

    I would say that knowing the way some Uber riders rate drivers, you could be inviting low star rating, with more unfair robotics from Uber – a subject being looked at by the BIT organisation. Keep up the good work and don't chicken out by not turning up at the protests. TAXI WATCH DOG says keep going guys and well done

  36. Zak Manseur
    23/11/2020 Reply

    The white Fox's are so smart they use sadek khan against his own people. Fuck SADICK KHAN

  37. philip Ferrigno
    23/11/2020 Reply

    Private hire vehicles that are designated as wheelchair-accessible vehicles (WAVs) will retain the exemption, but only when carrying out a private hire booking for a TfL-licensed private hire operator.

  38. philip Ferrigno
    23/11/2020 Reply

    New electric London black taxi £67,000 funny you dont mention that and you seem to earn enough

  39. philip Ferrigno
    23/11/2020 Reply

    Its tax deductible so all your mates have nothing to worry about

  40. Triumph Tiger
    23/11/2020 Reply

    Uber have saturated the market making tougher to earn why not vent your anger against Uber, the numbers need to be capped to 30k but unfortunately Uber’s conveyor belt just keeps churning out drivers flooding London. I have an idea 💡 why not take on the knowledge of London and be the best taxis service in the world. These guys speak of unfair, UNFAIR!! To pay £11 a day congestion. Was it UNFAIR when Uber never complied with the private hire act was it UNFAIR when Uber failed to report rape or sexual assault was it UNFAIR when a judge is to hear why Uber should be relicensed have conflicting interest in Uber, was it UNFAIR that the predatory pricing set by Uber to try and kill of an honourable trade using unskilled labour, was it UNFAIR the the corporate elite backing Uber to kill off working class for corporate greed. Is it UNFAIR that 70k vehicles are pushed on to London taxi drivers and yous are screaming coz yous have to pull up £11 a day let’s get this in to perspective eh.

  41. MS SM
    23/11/2020 Reply

    I think we should rather do a political campaign against sadik Khan.then the results will be different. I'll never vote for this BS Mayer.

  42. Vinnie O'Mahoney
    23/11/2020 Reply

    I’m a user why has khan not even spoken out why no statement from TFL? That’s 60,000 votes Khan will lose all the next mayor has to do is promise to get rid of the charge.as Paul. Chowdey says “bastard”

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