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Kia e-Niro Pick Up Day

Kia e-Niro Pick Up Day

Pick up day for the Kia eNiro from Otto Car.
First Impression Drive and First Home Charge.

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Comments (28)

  1. Wayne Kerrin
    19/11/2020 Reply

    Thanks for the videos, very helpful. I'm new to the EV scene and just got a 1st edition ex showroom car with 2200 miles on the clock. Question- when I charge it fully I only get 264 miles on the screen, I see yours is higher… any reason you may think of? Yes everything is off.. no AC or anything I can think of? Much appreciated

    19/11/2020 Reply

    Where did you pick the car up from?

  3. man Felix
    19/11/2020 Reply

    so nice car!

  4. Princess safoorah's World
    19/11/2020 Reply

    Hello sir please reply great Job you are doing I have 3 questions ok how long it takes to charg at home from normal socket also how much it cost also I am looking to buy for taxi run is it worth it last question did they do e niro only in 1 size battery 64 kWh or they did smaller aswell ?

  5. William Scadding
    19/11/2020 Reply

    No brake lights on regen

  6. CaptainDuckman
    19/11/2020 Reply

    my sister has a Niro and even with the seat in its highest position she has trouble seeing over the dash…
    First world problems 🙂

  7. Imran007
    19/11/2020 Reply

    Did u have to pay anything in exchanging the Niro hybrid to the eNiro? Very much interested in getting the eNiro and only got the Niro in April

  8. EV-olution
    19/11/2020 Reply

    Congratulations on your purchase. I have had my Niro EV (Canadian) since May 6th and love it. FYI, you don't need to touch the parking brake, it turns on and off automatically. It turns off when you select a ”gear” and it turns on when you power off the car. If it does not turn on when you power off the car: start the car, select drive, press park, activate the parking brake, then power off the car. The next time you power off it should automatically activate the parking brake.

  9. Brian Fd
    19/11/2020 Reply

    The ultimate test of a car, well done, I will be following you with great interest. Looks like a game changer

  10. Paul isherebrewing
    19/11/2020 Reply

    Hi can wait to get a eniro myself, the ren gen if your behind a car in traffic the auto takes over (stop/start feature) and is smoother and will stop the car completely.

  11. Paul Harrison
    19/11/2020 Reply

    1.53 hours to do 16.7 miles ? Well I suppose that's London for you !

  12. Martin Lang
    19/11/2020 Reply

    Did Kia make a recommendation that in order to maximise battery life that you do not fully charge it every time?
    If so, how often is it ok to fully charge?

  13. slickAfoe G
    19/11/2020 Reply

    Ok,are these actually available yet,as I've been told waiting list for these spans into next year and beyond.Also give us an update whenever necessary,on any other small or big gripes you have with this motor.I currently have a niro phev

  14. slickAfoe G
    19/11/2020 Reply

    Cheers mate,haven't seen ya since the upud demos,hope y'all ok.

  15. Kia e-Niro Diaries
    19/11/2020 Reply

    Did the dealer give you any recommendations on charging strategy to maximise battery life? I’m sure you’ve heard this before but the recommendation I had is to charge to 80% if you don’t need to go to 100% every day. Another recommendation is to charge up to 100% once a month whether you need it for a long journey or not. Apparently it is good to ‘stretch’ the battery to that level every so often. From your previous posts I seem to remember you saying you did about 125 miles per day. On that basis you could easily cycle the battery in the 20%-80% range for most of the time. As a professional driver your demands from the car are much greater than mine..Our driving is local and only about 150 miles a week with the occasional long trip as we’ve just done to Brittany (700 miles) so I don’t even bother with a home charger. Most of my charging is at 2.2 Kw supplemented by my solar panels and we get a lot of sun here! Ours is at 7,300 Km now (4,500 miles). I have driven the car in cities such as Rennes, Orleans and Lausanne and have got used to using the regen button to bring the car to a stop in stop/go traffic..just pull the paddle up and hold it and the car will stop..took me a while to get used to that but it seems to work well.

  16. Dicky Knees
    19/11/2020 Reply

    I think your reviews will be much more relevant than those of the usual race car driver/ journalists that are the norm. Well done on your choice of vehicle.

  17. Kia e-Niro Diaries
    19/11/2020 Reply

    Congrats..sounds like the dealers came up with it a little earlier than you were expecting. You look happy! Interesting to see the car in a very different environment to mine..and the steering wheel is on the wrong side 🙂 …Looking forward to seeing what your customers make of it and how the range works out with all the stop start. Some journalists here in France have tested the car in Paris and got comfortably over 300 miles. Bon chance!

  18. Bilel DJAREDDIR
    19/11/2020 Reply

    Congratulations 🙂 and all the best 🙂

  19. tarell2004
    19/11/2020 Reply

    Hi , congratulations. I’m awaiting on my pcp licence as just passed the topographical test getting 87% so very happy with that , you said you swapped from Otto cars was that a rental or rent to buy as I’m really interested in electric only. What kind of waiting list is there at Otto car and what’s the payments etc?

  20. originalpickaxe
    19/11/2020 Reply

    What are you talkin' about with these "regen?" settings. Remember a lot of us have only driven petrol and diesel , so don't assume we know what your talkin' about………..As for the iffy seating setting , how is that not a game changer , who wants to do a P/H shift with a massive compromise on comfort?

  21. Michael Davidson
    19/11/2020 Reply

    I hope you do regular updates with this car I am fascinated to see how you get on with it and if it is truly suitable as a private hire vehicle . 👍👍

  22. South London
    19/11/2020 Reply

    Well pleased for you dude
    But I just can’t buy it for a private hire trade. As I mini cab you need a car that can hold 4 people and 4 suit cases and travel as of where they need to go 5 miles to 500 miles. Electric is the way forward but as for a business expense I can see it being more of a gimmick then a 15 hours a day 1000/15000 miles a week work horse. I think electric cars are for for shopping and school runs then a fully operating mini cab work horse. Good luck though bro I am looking forward to seeing how you get on

  23. Zarnticolz Rum
    19/11/2020 Reply

    congrats on the e-niro (I'm not jealous by the way) one thing though how about getting the rear windows tinted I think that would be cool

  24. Take 1 Take 2
    19/11/2020 Reply

    What if the electric grid goes down? lol

  25. x Peryskop
    19/11/2020 Reply

    Awesome. I dont think car will let you drive while pluggedin. Looking forward to more videos

  26. Null X
    19/11/2020 Reply

    Congrats. Looking forward to a full interior/exterior video. Shame on you Toyota!

  27. Va Va Broom
    19/11/2020 Reply

    How many miles a day do you do?
    Also how long would it take to charge from 0% to 100%?

  28. Andrew Till / Mr. EV
    19/11/2020 Reply

    Congratulations, sir! Enjoy it!

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