9 October 2018

As Otto Car’s Official Youtube Partner, I can offer you £100 Cashback on any new 19 plate with Otto Car’s popular Rent 2 Buy scheme. Beat the ULEZ charges this April and upgrade your PCO car. There’s no credit check and no balloon payment. Simply click on the link for more information: http://bit.ly/2OHsUnu

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Web Design Agency North London


ULEZ London Check

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  1. taher mohdtaher
    26/11/2020 Reply

    Hi I need some information from you. About London. I have UAE driving license. My licence work there in London or not??? If you have any info about this. Plz tell me

  2. Viktorija Mardosaite
    26/11/2020 Reply

    Same happened to me last Saturday in hour with 1.9 sur charge . 96 pounds

  3. Paweł Kominek
    26/11/2020 Reply

    Good shot 🙂

  4. CabbieOO7
    26/11/2020 Reply

    Did the customer ask you to go that direction?
    Fast but not the direct route.Could you be at risk of a Fare Review?

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