14 August 2018

As Otto Car’s Official Youtube Partner, I can offer you £100 Cashback on any new 19 plate with Otto Car’s popular Rent 2 Buy scheme. Beat the ULEZ charges this April and upgrade your PCO car. There’s no credit check and no balloon payment. Simply click on the link for more information: http://bit.ly/2OHsUnu

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  1. forealg
    28/11/2020 Reply

    Bro you need to make some new videos. Maybe an update on via van and what you think of the new app

  2. Levente Biro
    28/11/2020 Reply

    What's up gig guy? No new videos?

  3. yusuf ramadan
    28/11/2020 Reply

    Not bad, early part of the week slow, weekends are good and make up the poor start. Need to start accessing the financials to check the viability. Will keep you posted

  4. Rameez Butt
    28/11/2020 Reply

    Hi mate..which car would you recommend to put on private hire..got a budget of about £9k and car can not be more then 4 years old to plate..will be doing 50plus hours per week…

  5. Slam Ak
    28/11/2020 Reply

    Motorcyclists block roads outside HQ for second day asking for £5 per delivery minimum….UberX ,4 people on board £6…..

  6. s WEBB
    28/11/2020 Reply

    Hope your busy earning mate.
    I got 65% just scraped it,definitely quite a thing though.not a piece of piss anymore. but it's doable cos 60% ain't that high a bar.I pants it completely,didn't touch module 5 which is worth 20%.So I got 65 from 80 really.

  7. s WEBB
    28/11/2020 Reply

    Just a bit more waiting now I hope

  8. s WEBB
    28/11/2020 Reply


  9. s WEBB
    28/11/2020 Reply

    Well I think I did fail!so you know someone now! ,not sure though cos tfl are not emailing or answering calls all week.ffs.
    by the way I think they have made the test hardcore now.2 hrs went very quick 3 modules for route selection I was sweating.totally missed out module 5.bollox.
    and tfl Are taking 3 weeks so far to let me know.I have started van driving to make ends meet.
    2500 miles in a week.no bullshit. doubt I've made more than 600 after costs.
    come on tfl you long bunch of..

  10. Mahfuz Alam
    28/11/2020 Reply

    Hi bro, how you doing? Wanted to know if there was any test when you applied for the pco? Was it hard?

  11. Mahfuz Alam
    28/11/2020 Reply

    Bro what's your thought on self drive Uber cars in London? Do your think it possible in the next 5 to 10 years?

  12. Zubair Khaliq
    28/11/2020 Reply

    dude where you at? no new videos?

  13. s WEBB
    28/11/2020 Reply

    Easy man,got my topo test Thursday.
    Bricking it! I am route selection dyslexic. can't understand how to use inside cover of the a to z.
    Really need to pass this thing.
    your video have been a inspiration to me b.Seem to be on a similar perspective.
    For real man,thanks

  14. yusuf ramadan
    28/11/2020 Reply

    Lastly, being so new I tend to just accept any job coming through, to fast to see where the rider is going. Is it displayed when the job appears?

  15. yusuf ramadan
    28/11/2020 Reply

    The only concern I have is the accuracy of the pickup points. There were a couple of times is was way off. Anyone else have this problem?

  16. yusuf ramadan
    28/11/2020 Reply

    Just thought I would give you an update on my first few days. Found day 1 & 2 stressful, got home totally exhausted. Is this normal?

  17. Mindfulness Meditation
    28/11/2020 Reply

    Broooo your killing it! Watched a few uber guys on YouTube but you seem on the level lol im from up the road to you in dagenham and at the moment I'm a insulation engineer on building sites earning good money but the life is shit of dust noise and some rough toilet facilities lol is there any other way to chat to you through a messenger or something as Ive got a few questions for you lol keep up the great vids man Ive subscribed be great to here from you bruv as you say peace ✌🏻

  18. Qamar
    28/11/2020 Reply

    Hi gig guy when we click on my rider was rude after journey do you know what action do Uber take do they message riders

  19. s WEBB
    28/11/2020 Reply

    Big up GG

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